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good evening, everyone.
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thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. we have severe storms heading into the area right now. they are threatening most of the state. you may be noticing the clouds are thickening up a little in your area. we are currently under a thunderstorm warning for anne arundel and prince george's county. let's go straight to meteorologist bernadette woods. she is live with updated look at live doppler radar. >> we're going to show you live doppler radar. and anne arundel, prince george's, and calvert county. that is until 6:30. as for this thunderstorm here, it is not moving fast. not only is the threat for damaging winds gusting. but also a lot of rain out of any of these storms. now, we also had a flash flood warning in effect for harford county. this is where we had the severe thunderstorm just about an hour ago. and that storm has died down. but it left a lot of rain in southern parts of the county. that rain is until 8:00. i want to show you when we switch it over, that we have severe thunderstorm watch in effect for a good portion of the state. until 10:00 tonight. so still the threat for severe
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storms. >> tonight, we have details about the maryland man police say called himself the joker. he was found if an arsenal of weapons after threatening to shoot up his workplace. wjz stays on the story live tonight. monique griego learns the man may not face criminal charges for at least a week. monique? >> reporter: adam, that's because he's still undergoing a mental health evaluation. now, tonight, we are hearing more from those who knew him. and one friend describes him as a gentle jeafnlt >> reporter: early friday morning, s.w.a.t. teams raid an apartment at this complex. and what they found surprised everyone. >> it's shocking and scary. >> this close to home, it kind of shatters you. >> reporter: police confiscated an arsenal of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition they say belonged to this man. 28-year-old neil edwin prescott. >> i think we were surprised by the amount and types of weapons inside that residence. >> reporter: police say prescott had called his
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supervisor at pitney bowes and threatened to go on a shooting rampage. wjz learned he was in the process of being on fire. >> the fact that he said, "i'm a joker, and i'm going to load my gun asks blow everyone up." >> the batman reference, setting off alarms for police, following the recent massacre in colorado. >> we take all threats seriously. and if you are going to make a threat, we will take action. >> reporter: one of prescott's friends recently described him as a gentle giant, with a sarcastic sense of humor, who did not intend for his comments to be taken seriously. neighbors in catonsville where he grew up, also talked about his calm demeanor. >> he was very quiet. to himself. he stayed in his room. he wanted to go-- his friends wanted to go to club, but he decided not to. he decided to be a computer geek. >> pres cot is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation. charges are pending against him. >> i believe thwarted some serious violence against expem
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this potentially saved lives. >> reporter: police say his medical evaluation could take up to a week. >> whole lot of weapons there, monique. thank you so much. police are considering both state and federal charges against neil prescott. meanwhile, three people killed during that massacre are finally laid to rest. hundreds of mourners highlighted their heroism and remembered their lives cut short. >> reporter: her home state's flag flew in her honor, as jessica gal way's family and friends gaghterred in san antonio, to celebrate the aspiring sportscaster's life. >> she never lived without passion. and she will never stop amazing me as she lives on in our hearts and souls. >> reporter: there were tears for the 24-year-old with a passion for hockey. and some laughter. especially when this video played, showing her as an intern, falling on the ice,a
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she conducted her first interview. gal way survived a deadly shooting at toronto last month, but was one of the 12 killed when james holmes allegedly opened fire inside a midnight showing at the new batman movie. in aurora, colorado. >> it's all about the victim. let's do what we can to remember them and share their story. >> reporter: her brother, jordan gal way. >> if this coward could do this much hate, imagine what we could do with this much love. >> they focused on jessica's passion for life. but her family made it a point to remember the other victims, especially the ones who died protecting others. matt mcquin was one of them. he was remembered in ohio saturday. the 27-year-old died protecting his girlfriend. [ inaudible ] >> there have now been services for seven of the victims. and there are still more to come.
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in san antonio, texas, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> staff sergeant jesse childress was also laid to rest saturday at a private service in colorado. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora. for the very latest on the suspect, the victims and the investigation, you can log onto meanwhile, back here in maryland, nine people are recovering tonight after the boat they were on sank. it happened just east of ocean city. the coast guard got the call this morning that the boat was taking on water. it sank about a half hour after the call came in. everyone on board was rescued and pulled from the water. a howard county police officer is recovering after the car jumped a curb and hit his cruiser. happened in north laurel at washington boulevard and davis avenue, just after 1:00 saturday morning. officials say this woman here, yolanda merchison drove her car over the median. she is charged with driving
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while intoxicated. they found an adult male with trauma to his upper body here in the 300 block of south charles street. the man died of trauma. and tonight, detectives are waiting for autopsy results. some residents on monument street are still without water, after a water main break caused a massive sinkhole. we're now told residents in this area could be without water until sometime tomorrow. the six-inch water main broke between bradford and monument street. the size of the hole collapsed even further. extreme heat has been a real trend this summer. and now, drought conditions are definitely taking their toll. with corn and other crops withering and dying in the heat. food prices are expected to really shoot up. meat prices are going to rise significantly. poultry, corn and soybean prices are also on the rise. >> you just have to adjust. economy is going up. and the pay is going down. we just have to do the best we
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can to get through the hard times. but most of all, as my mother would always say, put something away for a rainy day. >> consumers can expect to pay more for eggs, cheese and milk. they have declared against the areas. this year, hundreds of athletes die suddenly from heart conditions. and many didn't even know they were at risk. in healthwatch report, andrea fujii tells us that johns hopkins cardiologists are trying to prevent it for free screenings today. >> reporter: thousands of miles away, from the london olympics, the national junior olympic track and field championships are going on, morgan state university. though it's fun and games outside, inside the student center is serious business. doctors are checking young athletes for heart conditions that can predispose them to
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suddenly death. when the heart just stops. >> it's something we think is comprehensive, yet focused. it covers about 80 to 90% of the conditions that could potentially displace them to sudden cardiac arrest. >> her son died from sudden cardiac arrest. now she's spreading the word about early detection. >> and it's just the worst thing in the world to lose a child. and if he had heard him screaming, he still might be here with us. >> there are no risk factors with us. it is genetic and often herreditary. >> reporter: doctors say most people don't show any symptoms. that scares tony allen, whose son angelo is getting tested. >> we're getting him screened just in case. >> reporter: that's why they are having 600 people nationwide get tested to prevent another tragedy. >> it's your child's life. take a minute to do that. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> if you missed today's screenings, you can log onto we have more information there.
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just look for the story. let's switch gears now and talk about the olympics. this is kind of a spoiler about baltimore native michael phelps. so you might want to turn down your volume until that race is aired tonight. everyone ready? michael phelps has failed to win a medal in the 400-meter swim today. in fact, he came in fourth. his rival, ryan looky -- lochte got the gold. he just tweeted out that he was very disappointed in his results. okay. we're done with that. moving onto other news now. it was a different kind of football being played at m&t bank stadium today. soccer fans came out for the exhibition between liverpool and autumn. more than 42,000 people flooded into the stadium for the event. now, being putt back to its original state. stay tuned in sports. stan will have more on the
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surprising finish. and we'll look at that event when we come back. we have a lot more still to come on wjz tonight. bombs away. why this popular new york building was imploded. why it was taken down. a bizarre controversial billboard. a company prepares the president for the colorado shooter. creating widespread outrage. and on your mark, get set, go. what makes this marathon absolutely one to die for. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 91 degrees. we do have some thunderstorms out there in central maryland now. bernadette will have all of the details coming up in the first warning weather forecast. but first, here's a sight for sore eyes in texas. they're finally getting rain. but as you can see, a lot of rain. the video here was shot by daniel hernandez in southwest texas. the heavy rain caused creeks to overflow. flooded some roadways. although the rain did create a mess, it is still welcome. much of texas has been in a severe drought. well, a new york town says goodbye to one of its most recognizable buildings. >> st. ann's heritage tower. explosives bought the 19-story down. it was bought to 1973 building. senior living in the town.
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that's near rochester, new york. st. anne's says there is age and lack of space. well a billboard in ohio is comparing this in a movie massacre. check it out. an electronic building here has this side by side. the text reads, kills 12 in a movie theater, everyone freaks out. on the president's side, it says, kills thousands with foreign policy and wins the nobel peace prize. the group that wins win owns the billboard said it wants to draw the attention to sacrifices of men and women overseas. not the last we're going to hear of that, i can imagine. ind ind police officer is recovering from gunshot wounds after an ambush. the officer was chasing a suspect who took off after a traffic stop. the man reportedly opened fire on that police officer. officials are calling an ambush- style attack. the officer was hit in the arm, hand and the forehead. the suspect was killed in that shootout later on.
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the injured officer is recovering tonight. well, a race to the philippine his people literally running for their lives. they had to navigate their way in the dark as they tried to finish a 3-mile race without being devoured by zombies. those who finished the survival team race were given special prizes for their efforts. organizers say it was kind ever a fun way to keep runners in shape. i think that would be a hoot. >> go for it. organized run around there. okay. this is what we've got going on, severe weather across the state. severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect. anne arundel, prince george's county, 6:30. take a look at the traffic here. we'll show you where we're going to have those warnings. also a flash flood warning in effect in harford county. we definitely have some thunderstorms out there. in addition to that, another line coming in from pennsylvania. we'll have all that was when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. we're going to start with first doppler radar. severe thunderstorms in parts of the state now. it's scattered about. they're starting to take form to them. but at this point, there hasn't been a whoa lot of movement. anne arundel county has just been canceled. to the south, the southern part of this line, we have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect. and that's going to continue until 6:30. just off to the northwest of us, what i'm going to do is switch this over to a national view so we can get the idea. and you'll see, there is a pretty strong line of thunderstorms. and that is going to make its way into maryland. even though we have a few scattered about now and may move away. they have another round coming our way. because of that, severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 10:00 tonight. haven't been able to drop that severe thunderstorm warning for a.a. county just yet. because it just was quite canceled. also, a flash flood warning in effect for extreme parts of harford county.
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hefty thunderstorms. it's about an hour, hour and a half ago. we're going to take you back a little bit here and show you what we've got going on. temperature-wise, it's 91 in baltimore. where the storms have come through, 80s and 70s out there. dew points in the low 70s to upper 60s most of the day. this was very muggy. and this one fuels the thunderstorm. and two, there's a lot of moisture for flooding rains underneath any of those storms. especially when they're not moving very quickly. and here they are coming in from the west. you can see, not a whole lot of movement. winds are pretty light out there at this point. and that's another reason they're not moving too quickly. 91 has been our high today. above average. for the next couple of afternoons, we're not really looking at records. but we're going to be above average. they're going to be muggy. and we'll have varying chances for showers and storms. there's a lot of heat, versus cool air. that's where the line of storms continues to move and it's right on top of us. we get rid of one front tomorrow morning. they have a few showers lingering until the morning hours. then a front out to the west.
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we don't really ever lose our thunderstorm chances. some days are just higher than others. here's that fronted l leaving us for tomorrow. just a slight chance for something popping up tomorrow afternoon. those chances start to go back up again as that next front comes our way monday into tuesday. out of the water, with the winds turning around. kind of stalled in this pattern, not going to into a whole lot of movement. strong storms, lingering showers. tomorrow, 89 degrees for our high. shower and thunderstorms are possible. and next couple of days, temperatures above average. it will be muggy. we'll have increased chances for showers and storms once again, monday, into tuesday. and maybe thursday into friday. adam? >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. stan is here, with the wjz the fan sports report. what's happening with ravens training camp. >> traifns raining camp? >> yeah. >> he's talking about the people who dress in purple all the tile, the ravens. they're doing really good. every year, that concern about the secondary and the offensive line. but the offensive line is the toughest position. everybodile in football. the the ravens news does top the news. quarterback lardarius webb returns to training camp, after missing practice due to personal reasons. and a no show for the third straight day. this show goes on. insert michael oher from mckinney's left spot. he says mckinney gives him the sense that he'll soon be returning. i can tell you that andy moller, the line coach, is pretty pleased with what he has
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so far. >> passing has been good. run blocking has been good so far. but we have been good. guys are upbeat. grot a great group of guys. energetic. it's been good. meanwhile, turning to baseball now. to the last night, where fairly wild and bizarre describes the o's and a's. o's trailed 5-0 early. but they rallied to take the lead. adam jones. line drive. in left field. that'sthat's a three-run homer in what was a 5-0 -- becomes intriguing but short-livelived 6-5 meet in the fifth. chris davids here, delivering a single to left. that brings in the go ahead run. jj hardy comes home. 9-8, o's. two big comebacks. crowd went wild. but jim johnson couldn't get the final three outs. only got one. and what was an up-and-down night, ends up very disastrously.
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a 14-9 loss to oakland. don't forget to catch the o's and the a's in action. tonight, about 35 minutes not long after this newscast. and it's also masn on wjz tomorrow. same two teams here at 1:30 p.m. as you heard a little earlier, right in our own backyard, from downtown charm city. 42,763 on hand. witnessing a friendly or exhibition match between two of great britain's finest. 28th minute. adam morgan wants to finish. but he couldn't. it was a good day, a good game. and guess what. nobody scored. scoreless game. 0-0 between liverpool and to then ham. meanwhile, big nascar race. it will be coming up tomorrow. denny hamlin, captured the pole today. and you'll see it at 11:00. be sure to watch the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. you can catch 48 hours, immediately followed by wjz's eyewitness news at 11:00. here's what's coming up tonight
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at 11:00 on wjz. we'll have the very latest on the maryland man who is accused of plotting to kill his coworkers. what we're learning about that suspect tonight. also, a pregnant woman drowns off the coast of north carolina's outer banks. we'll tell you what police believe happened to her. she was an avid swimmer. finally tonight, a chinese man bikes his way all the way to the olympics. he cycled through 16 countries to get to london to support the olympic games. just a short journey of the took him only two years to get there. he said he undertook the trek after experiencing the olympic spirit firsthand when china won its bid for the olympics back in 2001. and how about a and moment for a pair of identical twins? they've experienced a lot of things together. but now it is motherhood. secure mitch will and secura white both delivered babies in columbia, south carolina. gave birth to caden mitchell. then an hour after that,
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slakira -- shakira had london boyd. and moments after that, her twin brother, who was landon. so one of the twins also had twins. >> wow. >> do you see what could be happening in your future, bernadette? >> they're not identical. i know where you're going. it's wild. congratulations to them. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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